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Pecan trees are native to the United States and are found growing naturally nowhere else in the world. The pecan is a member of the hickory family and closely related to the walnut.


The USA produces about eighty percent of the world's pecans.


Rather like cashews, pecans are graded against a count per lb (454g) and generally speaking the grades most common to Europe and the UK are whole Junior Mammoth Halves or Jumbo halves. The common broken grades are large, medium and small pieces as classified by sieve sizes in the USDA specifications.

Processed Pecan Products

Using raw halves or broken grades of pecans we can do a range of processing such as laser inspection, heat treating, size reduction (nibbing/chopping), grinding, pasting or making into pecan butter. These pecan products are used as ingredients in food manufacture, bakery, sauces, ready meals, confectionery, snacks and bars.

The groups of variants below are currently our most in-demand and thus most are available ex stock but we are happy to assist customers with their product enquiries and can offer bespoke or value engineered ingredients solutions. Please contact our NPD/sales team for more information.

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Halves – Natural or Heat Treated

Pieces, Nibbed/Chopped – Natural or Heat Treated

Pecan Pastes and Butters