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Prunes are sold with the fruit stone still in or with the stone removed – i.e. pitted. Most prunes contain prescribed levels of the preservative Potassium Sorbate, and are described as sorbated.


Dried plums or prunes are grown in many regions of the world, most notably France and Chile.


Prunes are graded by size as count per lb. If the stone is still present in the prune, then the size of the prune affects the quality, as there is a higher proportion of flesh to stone. A 30/40 unpitted prune would be a typical size. Pitted prunes have the stones removed mechanically, either with pins (Elliot) or by squeezing (Ashlock). Once the stone is removed the prune is all flesh so the sizing is less relevant. A typical pitted prune might be 70/80 count.

Processed Prune Products

We use pitted prunes in processing. As with other fruits we take the utmost care to check the final product for pits or pit fragments and other foreign bodies using our modern range of inspection machinery. The processed prunes are widely used in bakery, breakfast cereals, snacking or protein bars, sauces, and chutneys.

The groups of variants below are currently our most in-demand and thus most are available ex stock but we are happy to assist customers with their product enquiries and can offer bespoke or value engineered ingredients solutions. Please contact our NPD/sales team for more information.

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