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Biologically figs are not a single fruit but thousands of tiny fruits that look like seeds inside. Originally from Anatolia, Turkey, the fig is a sacred fruit in many religions and cultures and is the oldest cultivated fruit in the world going back 10,000 years.


Turkey is by far the biggest producer and exporter of dried figs supplying around 70% of worldwide production. Most dried figs for export are produced on the Aegean coast in the region of Izmir and Aydin.


At origin plants, dried figs are grouped by the average number of figs per kg. This sizing is done during processing and is followed by inspection, washing, a quick drying to remove excess water gained during washing, then more hand sorting and manipulation to give different shapes to figs prior to packing and exporting. The most common forms of whole fig shapes used in the UK are Natural and Lerida, which, respectively, are shaped like a bag and a wheel.

Processed Fig Products

We import figs from Turkey and further process them at our factory into diced or sliced forms or fig paste. The diced figs can be plain, or dressed with rice flour or sugar. Diced figs are mostly used in breakfast cereals, snack bars, fig rolls, specialty breads or chutneys.

The groups of variants below are currently our most in-demand and thus most are available ex stock but we are happy to assist customers with their product enquiries and can offer bespoke or value engineered ingredients solutions.Please contact our NPD/sales team for more information.

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