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From innovation and change in our sector of the food industry to the products and people that make Petrow Food Group a success. Read our latest news here - and for regular updates, follow us on Twitter @PetrowFood.

Latest News

What will 2022 bring? Need some certainty? Roasting and cleaning services available now from Petrow

Getting the right roasting quality for nuts is just as essential as keeping ingredients safe from contamination– and at Petrow, many of our customers use our facilities for both.

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Who loves peanut butter treats in your house?

More and more dog owners are sharing their love for peanut butter with their pooch pets

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Do your tree nuts need a Spring clean? Or Just a good roasting?

Essential roasting and cleaning services from Petrow – available now!

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It’s been a bumper dry January for Petrow!!! Looking for a contract packer for dry goods?

Are you looking for a contract packer for dry goods? Start up or big brand – we can get your product to market

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