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Good news for a Brits going nuts over peanut butter! Coming soon – 100% natural peanut butter from Petrow!

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Good news for Brits going nuts over peanut butter!

100% natural peanut butter from Petrow – launching in October

As the sales of peanut butter soar, Petrow Food Group is getting set to launch of a new 100% natural peanut butter –in October!

A recent article in The Grocer magazine shared news of the UK’s growing love for nutty spread, making the introduction of a dedicated production line for the new 100% natural peanut butter a timely move.

According to the International Research Institute (IRI) sales of peanut butter have overtaken those of jam in the war for the nation’s favourite spread. The nutty butter outsold jam by £2 million with £98.9m across the United Kingdom in the past year. In fact, demand has risen so much that peanut butter sales have risen by 35.5% since April.

Petrow has been making and producing a wide range of ingredients, including nut and dried fruit products at its two sites in the UK for 10 years

The new peanut production line will be installed at the Perivale site where we will be producing 100% natural peanut butter – good news for a nation going nuts over its favourite spread.

Peanut facts:

Did you know that peanuts, also known as groundnuts are actually grown underground, just like potatoes and are actually not nuts at all, they are legumes.

As Britain has embraced baking and cooking in lockdown, searching for healthier ingredients and peanut butter offers so much more than just a toast topping or sandwich filling.

Its versatility is growing, as shown by the variety of ways consumers are getting that peanut fix into their diets. It can be used not just as a spread, but in baking, breakfasts, healthy lunches, as a protein rich snack, stirred into stews, jazzing up your stir fry, adding flavour to curries and as an addition to humous. It’s worth remembering that a small percentage of the population are severely allergic to peanuts (and other nuts) so always check with friends and family before using peanut butter (or any other allergen) in any recipe where it might not normally be used.

Peanut-free site peace of mind for allergic nut fans

Since opening in Haverhill in 2014, this site is completely peanut free allowing the many consumers who are are allergic to peanuts to enjoy other nut products without fear of peanut cross contamination. Many people who are allergic to peanuts but can eat other nuts safely – including an increasingly wide range of nut butters.

Currently at our £2m nut butter facility in Haverhill we are concocting new nut butter flavours featuring almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, macadamias, and walnuts. Take your pick!

And for those nutty about the classic favourite – get ready for our new healthy peanut butter later this year. We’ll be ready to produce our organic peanut butter spread in October 2020. Please get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 1440 712 223 or email for more information.

We’d love to know what your favourite nut butter is. Our commercial team’s favourite is almond with coconut and? Our Business Development Manager, Alan Hebenton, is Crunchy Almonds. What yours?

Published: 1st Jul 2020