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Do your tree nuts need a Spring clean? Or Just a good roasting?

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Packed into our 82,000 sq ft factory in Cambridgeshire are the most high-tech facilities, essentially doing many critical jobs for our food manufacturing customers. Getting the right roasting quality for nuts is just as essential to our customers as keeping ingredients safe from contamination, and many use our facilities for both.

Until now, these super important cleaning, roasting and heat-treating facilities seem to have gone under the radar a bit. We’ve been doing this for years, but not really been shouting about it. But, in unprecedented times when quality is more critical than ever, we are opening our doors so that even more food processors, manufacturers and producers get their ingredients roasted just right and cleaned to safety standards.

Nuts roasted and ready!

Roasting away in our Haverhill site is our massive purpose-built roasters for whole, flaked or nibbed tree nuts. Our CMP Wolverine Proctor roasters (the world’s leading roasting technology) heat treat and roast almond, cashews and walnuts to customers exact specifications so they are spot on the right colour and texture. If you need bulk roasting for bulk or small volumes, contact us at or call 01440712223 and get booked in for good roasting.

Shelling the impurities

If you need to banish foreign bodies from your ingredients to ensure the safety of your consumer, we have the most bang up-to-date smart technology including our two TOMRA laser scanner leaves no nut, date or dried fruit unturned.

We take your bulk shipments of raw materials such as dates, nuts and other dried fruits from source. Then we clean them and extract what shouldn’t be there. Foreign bodies in every batch are spotted and removed to the highest safety standards. From pitts, hairs and stones to bits of plastic, metal and wood – contamination that creeps in during picking or transportation will be removed as every piece goes through a flame unit, Xray, laser and throat metal detector.

A cracking 94% fewer complaints

Some of the nation’s favourite nut ingredients, such as walnuts and cashews, need to have their shells extracted before they are added to food, and this is generally done at source. A walnut customer gave us a cracking stat – with complaints dropping by 94% since Petrow started supplying them with lasered scanned product.

Published: 5th Mar 2021