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Certainty is the best ingredient! Guaranteed UK supply of dates from Petrow Food Group – book now!

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Many of us are asking ourselves what we need right now in an uncertain world. For the food industry, guaranteed supply and quality is a must. At Petrow, we have huge supplies of the 2021 new pitted date crops at our BRG grade A factory in Haverhill, Cambridgeshire.

Contact us for the new prices and to place your order with guaranteed volumes, quality, and a secure supply chain.

Our customers use the versatile, delicious, and gooey fruit for making the nation’s favourite bakery, breakfast, confectionery, sauce, and chutney products. But shipping has been uncertain across the world recently and we all are dealing with rising costs for packaging materials and transport.

For a bit of stability in amongst the chaos, Petrow, one of the UK’s leading date and ingredient processors, has invested over £1m in processing facilities and our supply chain.

Whatever the shifts and fluctuations in the market, quality and safety must be guaranteed. Leading edge technology featuring lasers, X-rays, a flame unit and throat metal detector leave no date unturned – removing impurities and contamination from origin.

Today, the super high tech date line is working at full capacity in Haverhill, where we have large volumes of supply. To meet the many varied uses, we can produce diced dates and date paste, and chopped date paste. Dates can be dressed in a range of coatings to suit the consumer’s ever growing dietary needs and exotic sweet tooth.

Order soon for the best possible price and availability or ask for our dating expertise (the ingredient kind) because we can offer bespoke or value engineered solutions. For enquiries about the new date crop contact us on +44 (0) 1440 712 223 or

Published: 18th Aug 2021