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100% natural, 100% recyclable – Our nut butters are now in glass jars!

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You asked and we listened! We can announce that our 100% natural peanut butter and our tree nut butters are now available in more sustainable and fully recyclable glass jars.

Glass is inert so it does not react with its contents making your product completely safe for consumers. But also, glass looks smarter, fresher, and more appealing with a higher value and premium.

We had many requests from our customers, asking us to swap from plastic to glass jars. So, we listened and have found the perfect supplier of British locally sourced glass jars. Glass jars don’t scratch, discolour, or absorb flavours, making them a far superior packaging alternative.

You can now buy our 100% natural crunchy and smooth peanut butters and our tree nut butters in sustainable and fully recyclable glass jars with metal lids in two sizes - 170/180g and 270g.

Petrow has invested £500k in two new glass jar lines at our Haverhill and Perivale factories. This means all our tree nut butters and peanut butters now come in premium quality, environmentally friendly glass jars.

Glass is 100% recyclable, we can reuse infinite times, making it a very sustainable packaging solution. Glass is also recycled in the UK meaning no shipping overseas, reducing the impact on the planet even more.

At the new peanut butter line in our Perivale factory, we are able to mix more complex flavours. Our New Product Development department is constantly developing new varieties, following trends in tastes and flavours. Look out for new bespoke and seasonal flavours in the coming months.

We guarantee 100% natural and 100% flavour with our new 100% recyclable glass jars. Speak to our sales team today to claim your glass on 01440 712 223, email or visit our website at


Published: 3rd Aug 2021